A hauntingly beautiful fairy tale about love and loss, this Echo North companion novel is perfect for fans of the Winternight Trilogy.

In the dark, cold reaches of the north, magic is causing the world to unravel. The magic once belonged to the formidable North Wind before he traded it away in exchange for mortality. Now, his only daughter, Satu, is forced to watch her home, her family, and the very mountain they live on be devoured piece by piece—and the unraveling shows no signs of stopping.

To save the north, Satu embarks on a perilous journey to reclaim her father’s magic, but she isn’t the only one searching for it. In the snow-laden mountains, she finds herself in a deadly race with the Winter Lord who wants the North Wind’s destructive powers for himself. He haunts her every step, waiting to take the threads of magic that Satu feels unprepared to carry.

Satu finally has the chance to be the heroine of her own fairy tale, but the ending will require her to face all of her fears, and summon strength she never knew she had.