Can’t you hear it? Can’t you hear the waves singing?

Sixteen-year-old Talia was meant to be Empress of half the world—instead, she’s banished from her homeland to a gloomy mansion on the edge of the Northern Sea. There, she’s betrothed against her will to a melancholy boy named Wen, while finding herself falling for his dashing older brother instead. All the while she fights the call of the sea, the haunting music of the waves that drove her mother to madness.

When she begins to realize that there’s truth in the old myths about the gods and the Immortal Tree and the vengeful sea goddess Rahn, Talia must decide whether to shut out the call of the waves forever, or follow her fate across the sea.

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Hardcover: 400 pages
ISBN: 978-1624145346

Praise for Beneath the Haunting Sea:


“Epic, musical, and tender.”

— Kirkus Review


“… a story that feels both old-fashioned and fresh in the best possible way. Delightful.”

— Rosamund Hodge
NYT Bestselling author of Cruel Beauty


“…rich world-building and well-developed mythologies”

—Laura Weymouth, Author of The Light Between Worlds and A Treason of Thorns


A beautiful and haunting fantasy.

—Amy Trueblood, Author of Nothing But Sky
and Across A Broken Shore