She dreamed of the wood and the wolf who was trapped there…

Echo is an outcast in her village because of the scars on her face. Her only solace is her books and the warmth of her father’s love. So when her father goes missing and she finds him half-frozen at the feet of a mysterious white wolf, she’ll do anything to save him—even promise to live with the wolf for one year.

The wolf’s house is magical and ever-changing. If its many wondrous and perilous rooms aren’t routinely cared for, they unravel and are lost forever. The wolf teaches Echo how to tend the house, and when she discovers an enchanted library filled with book mirrors—and the dashing reader Hal inside of them—she determines to help however she can. But time is running out, and if Echo doesn’t unravel the mystery of the wolf’s enchantment before the year is up, she’ll lose the wolf—and Hal—forever.

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Hardcover: 400 pages
ISBN-10: 1624147151

Praise for Echo North:

“… epic and engrossing. Magic pulsates through every page; every landscape in this alternate Siberia lives and breathes… Readers will ache when it’s over and want to start all over again… A lush, captivating new twist on beloved fairy tales.”

—Kirkus Starred Review

“… a compelling, satisfying romantic adventure with metafictional undertones.”

—Publisher’s Weekly Starred Review

“…a unique twist of the East of the Sun, West of the Moon fairy tale, which will engross readers from the first page to the very end.”


“… a beautifully written retelling”

— School Library Journal

“A marvelous, enchanting tale about the power of love and stories.”

—Rosamund Hodge, NYT Bestselling author of Cruel Beauty

“Immersive and captivating, Echo North is the perfect fairy tale to read beside the fire on a dark winter’s night.”

—Megan Bannen, author of The Bird and the Blade

“A gorgeous retelling set in an immersive world with deeply satisfying mythic undertones. Meyer imbues her fantasy with a classic sensibility and gravitas that are often missing from modern works.”

— Laura E. Weymouth, author of The Light Between Worlds

“An atmospheric story so well-told it will leave readers enchanted right alongside Echo and her white wolf. I devoured every page.”

—Jessica Leake, author of Beyond a Darkened Shore and Through the White Wood

“A ravishing new fairytale woven of music, enchantment, and mystery. Readers will be riveted by Meyer’s poignant voice and masterful storytelling, and fall in love with Echo’s courage.”

— Elizabeth Lim, author of Reflection and Spin the Dawn

“I loved this classic-feeling fairy tale about destiny, family, and true love. If you like strong, clever girls, talking wolves and wonderfully strange mysteries, don’t miss this one!”

— Hayley Chewins, author of The Turnaway Girls